One Big Switch is a global consumer network with the combined strength of over 1.6 million members, established to build real consumer “people power”.

We use the latest advances in technology and digital campaigning to help consumers unlock group discounts on their household bills.

A pioneer of “group switching”, One Big Switch launched in Australia in 2011, the UK & Ireland in 2015, and the US in 2016.

Now we’re returning to the UK to help households to save on broadband costs. As the power of One Big Switch grows, we will continue to expand the range of offers for our members.

Our national campaigns will not only help unlock discounted products and services, they will also help ensure the consumer voice gets heard across the United Kingdom.

One Big Switch is now one of the world’s largest consumer organisations, and the fastest growing consumer network in the world. We are a for-profit-with-purpose enterprise. It’s free to join, and entirely obligation free.