NewsDifferent tiers of Broadband speed explained
Different tiers of Broadband speed explained

Different tiers of Broadband speed explained

If you’ve been shopping around for Broadband, you’ll know there’s plenty of different speeds available to you, which depend on where you live, which provider you’re with, how much you’re willing to pay etc.

Maybe you’re asking yourself: Which speeds are available? Which speed should I get? How much should I pay for my chosen speed?

Well, this all depends on the factors that will be discussed below.

The speeds


The first order of business is to understand what Broadband speeds you can get in the UK.

In short, there are three main speed tiers: Standard, Superfast and Ultrafast. These different tiers use different technology to supply UK homes with different speeds. Find a handy table below showing what speed you can expect with each tier:

Standard Up to 30mbps - typical speed is around 24mbps
Superfast 30mpbs-300mbps
Ultrafast 300mbps+

Source: Ofcom

So which is best? Read on.

Which speed should I get?

The speed you’ll want to get depends on your usage. For instance, a family of 4 heavy internet users is going to need a higher speed than a single bookworm.

For a family who uses the internet all the time, you’ll either want Superfast or Ultrafast. If you’re living alone though, Standard may even be enough for your needs.

Getting more speed most likely means paying more, though. The question becomes how to balance your needs with how much you’re willing to pay.

Willing to pay more? Get a higher speed tier. Finances under strain? Stick to the basics.

If you are looking for cheaper Broadband at a higher speed, you may want to consider looking for special offers. We’ve got one going right now which will cost you less than the current UK average. Click here to see the exclusive offer.

How much should I pay?

The answer here is: As little as possible. Once you’ve picked the speed you want, you should be trying to get the best deal you can on your chosen speed.

How can you do so? Here’s three tips to help you find a great deal:

Comparison sites - There’s a number of comparison sites you can turn to for a thorough picture of the Broadband landscape in the UK - they’ll show most of the deals available on the open market. Do be aware though, sometimes they don’t show all the Broadband offers on the market.

Special or exclusive offers - Some websites (like our own) offer special deals to their members. In our case, our exclusive offer is negotiated between us and the provider, which means you get an off-market deal designed to benefit you. See our current group-discount here.

Call your provider - Another thing you can do is call your current provider and tell them you’ve got a foot out the door. Tell them the details of the plan you’re thinking of switching to (you could even use our exclusive offer above), and see if they’ll beat it. If so, awesome! And if not, you can simply switch to the competitor’s offer.

How One Big Switch can help

If you’re looking for cheaper Broadband, you might just be in the right place. We’re currently running an exclusive offer for members which can guarantee you’re paying less than the UK average for Broadband.

It’s our belief that many UK families are paying far too much for Broadband. By taking up our current exclusive offer, or even simply by using it as leverage with your current provider, you could save money.

If you’re paying the average or more, you’ve got savings in store at this link.

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Different tiers of Broadband speed explained

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