NewsLets power up for 2016
Lets power up for 2016

Lets power up for 2016

2015 was a huge year for One Big Switch with the launch of the Big Energy Switch in Scotland.

This was the first Scottish campaign for One Big Switch, and proved to be a huge success with over 2000 consumers joining the campaign in the first day alone. To One Big Switch this  was a clear indication that Scottish consumers are willing to fight and take real action to help fight the rising cost of living in Scotland.

As One Big Switch moves forward into 2016, we look forward to bringing Scottish households more campaigns to fight back against the rising bills facing Scottish consumers.  

In recent weeks the media has day in and day out reported that UK consumers are not only dissatisfied with their energy suppliers, but also continue to be pay too much.

A recent survey by Consumer watchdog Which? showed that despite being unsatisfied by their energy suppliers, only 10% of consumers out of 8900 survey have switched to a new supplier.

This is a clear indication to One Big Switch, that 2016 is a year for consumers to take more action for your household bills and household satisfaction.

One Big Switch  would love to hear from you, so join the conversation below and tell us what action you want to see in 2016.

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